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Schenck RoTec creates fully-automatic system for accurate and efficient balancing of eDrives

At the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago (September 10 – 15, 2018), the eTENO, a new balancing machine from Schenck RoTec, will make its world debut. The two-station balancing system for automotive e-Drive production applications offers fully automatic, accurate, and efficient balancing of complete e-Drives with cycle times of 40 to 100 seconds. Thanks to its modular design, it can be integrated into current or future e-Mobility production lines of suppliers and OEMs. It is displayed at booth 135246 of Schenck Trebel Corporation in the East Building of the IMTS.

With its new two-station machine eTENO, the global machine manufacturer Schenck RoTec has created a balancing system that, unlike most other systems, is tailor-made for use in current and future e-Drive production lines of suppliers and OEMs. With the new eTENO, both electric motor, as well as automobile manufacturers, get a completely equipped automated solution that delivers highly precise measuring results and is easy to integrate into development and production environments. The machine permits fully automatic balancing of complete electric armatures weighing up to 50 kg. Thanks to its modular design and a variety of different support and balancing types, it offers maximum flexibility. It also features an internal handling system for rapid tool changes. Its entire machine design is geared towards short cycle times and meets all internationally relevant DIN/EN/ISO standards. With the CAB 950 SmartTouch, the eTENO also has a premium measuring device by Schenck RoTec on board.

Technological peak performance

“Close to 100 balancing systems by Schenck RoTec are currently being used today in e-Drive lines of renowned OEMs and tier-one suppliers; this makes us the market leader in the e-Mobility segment. Our new eTENO is a clear indication of this technological leadership position”, says e-Mobility product line manager Peter Böhm.

The new two-station machine is, among other things, the result of the close cooperation between the e-Mobility specialists and Technical Consulting at Schenck RoTec. Andreas Buschbeck, Head of Consulting, explains: “Whenever a customer is creating a new rotor and has to know how it can be designed for optimum vibration behavior, we determine the individual unbalance budget of the rotor. This helps improve the quality and optimize the service life of the rotor.”

The two main components of the system are the measuring device, which is used to determine the value and the position of the unbalance, and the processing unit, that is used for mechanical balancing. Not only can the measuring device accommodate a wide variety of different e-Drive electric armatures with rotor lengths of up to 500 mm (rotor diameter up to 200 mm) in three different supports, but it also operates with very high accuracy. Taking into account all optimizations, measurement inaccuracies of the unbalance relative to the rotor weight of only 0.1 gmm/ kg are achieved!

High flexibility during the balancing procedure

The processing unit is equipped with two drills and reduces the unbalance of the rotor thanks to simultaneous axial drilling. An entirely new solution: During axial drilling, the eTENO does not move the rotors, but the drills. The advantage of this is that the individual angular position of an unbalance can be approached simultaneously for each plane, and this as early as at the end of the measuring process – in other words while the rotor is still turning! The result is a considerably shorter cycle time.

The internal workpiece transfer system of the eTENO operates between the measuring and balancing unit. It ensures a prompt and highly precise positional change of the electric armature in the clamping system of the processing unit. The combination of cleverly designed components that come into contact with the workpiece, the easy-to-handle adjustment elements, as well as the tools and clamping devices that are perfectly geared towards the respective rotor results in a highly efficient balancing process with minimum secondary processing times. Depending on the size and the weight of the rotor, cycles of 40 to 100 seconds can be achieved with the eTENO – from inserting to measuring and balancing down to removing the complete rotors.

Like all balancing machines from Schenck, the new eTENO is also integrated into the comprehensive service and support system that the company uses to ensure the high availability of its systems. In addition to test routines, plausibility checks, and a practically oriented help system, it also offers an online remote diagnosis with teleservice.

For a live demo of the new eTENO, please visit us at Booth #135246 on the 3rd level of the East Building. For more information about this and other SCHENCK balancing products and services, please visit or email Tarek El-Sawaf at sales(at)



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